Rep. Luna Targets AG Garland with $10K Daily Fine Over Biden Tapes

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna took a dramatic stand on Wednesday, pushing Congress to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in inherent contempt. Instead of the original plan to drag Garland off in handcuffs, Luna now aims to hit him where it hurts—a $10,000 daily fine until he hands over those Biden tapes. It seems the scales of justice swing uniquely when it comes to the Biden administration.

Luna’s crusade began when Garland conveniently ignored a subpoena demanding Special Counsel Robert Hur’s interview tapes with President Biden. Can you imagine any regular Joe shrugging off a subpoena? They’d be in jail faster than a politician can flip-flop. But for Garland, the Justice Department’s top dog, it’s entirely different rules—or so Democrats seem to believe.

The House held Garland in contempt last month, a move that sent a ripple through the swamp. Garland’s excuse? Biden’s executive privilege—what a surprise! House Democrats threw a tantrum, labeling the resolution as stupid and hypocritical. Funny enough, these are the same characters who were all too eager to pull the same stunt with then-Attorney General William Barr just a few years back.

Speaking of Barr, the Democrats’ attempt to slap him with inherent contempt in 2019 went nowhere—just another example of their double standards. So when Republicans turn the tables, suddenly it’s a “B.S. political stunt,” as stated by Rep. James McGovern. It’s only fair play when they’re the ones holding the bat.

Even Donald Trump weighed in on the issue via Truth Social, urging Republicans to grow a spine and take on Garland and Special Counsel Jack Smith. Trump’s words are a sober reminder: the left’s games are not just about him but about silencing all conservative voices.

House Speaker Mike Johnson appeared split on the issue, though he’s open to backing Luna’s resolution if it comes to the floor. On the other hand, Johnson favors the Judiciary Committee’s more traditional route of suing the Justice Department. Either way, it seems the GOP is determined to get the truth, and why shouldn’t they be? Holding the powerful accountable is a core American value—unless, of course, you’re a Democrat with something to hide.

Written by Staff Reports

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