Trump Plans Convention Reveal for 2024 VP Pick, Eyes Traditional Approach

Those waiting with bated breath for former President Donald Trump to announce his running mate in 2024 will need to hold their horses. Always a showman, Trump casually mentioned to Brian Kilmeade on Fox News that he’s eyeing the convention for his big reveal. Imagine that, folks – a return to suspense and anticipation, the likes of which haven’t been seen since conventions were more than just tightly choreographed infomercials. Trump hinted that while modern tech might make early announcements easier, he’s leaning toward doing it the old-fashioned way. Always one for the dramatic flair, isn’t he?

Of course, the Trump campaign couldn’t resist taking a jab at Sleepy Joe. In an email blast, they pointed out what everyone knows but no one will say out loud – Biden dropping out of the race is a real possibility. With the geriatric gaffe machine struggling to keep his words straight, who really believes he can last another term? Apparently, the folks inside the Beltway are on red alert, waiting for the shoe to drop. Hold onto your hats; the next few months will be wild.

Meanwhile, Broadway is strumming a different tune. “N/A,” a new play supposedly inspired by Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is making waves. The characters, cleverly called “N” and “A,” seem to be a not-so-subtle nod to these liberal luminaries. Forget Hamilton; this is the latest attempt to glorify leftist figures on stage. The production promises a brainy battle of wits, but anyone familiar with Pelosi’s gavel-wielding and AOC’s social media spats might find it more comedy than drama. Best of luck to them trying to portray that as riveting theater.

The ongoing tête-à-tête between President Biden and former President Trump is still fresh on everyone’s minds. Biden’s less-than-impressive performance in their last debate has left many questioning his suitability for a second term. Public debates over Biden’s age and capability have ignited more than a million engagements online, proving America’s concern for leadership quality isn’t fading any time soon. The fact that over 24,000 articles have been penned about this topic suggests the media is onto something – maybe it’s time for Joe to pack it in.

On the fiscal front, the National Taxpayers Union has released its annual report card, and surprise, surprise – the most taxpayer-friendly lawmakers are all Republicans. Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee top the charts, with several House Republicans following suit. These are the lawmakers who actually have taxpayers in mind, unlike their big-spending counterparts. This kind of fiscal responsibility is exactly what America needs, especially when voters demand transparency and accountability from their elected officials. Kudos to the GOP for keeping their eye on the taxpayer’s dollar.

Finally, a new Emerson College poll revealed that the economy remains the top concern for voters, far outstripping issues like “threats to democracy” and healthcare. This isn’t exactly breaking news; when has the left ever understood basic economics? But the poll also highlighted the usual leftist priorities like abortion and housing affordability. In a twist, threats to democracy nabbed the second spot – one can only guess that includes endless lectures about January 6th. At the end of the day, it’s the economy, stupid. That’s what voters care about the most, and rightly so.

Written by Staff Reports

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