REPORT: Fox Board Member Reveals Why Tucker Was Fired

In a shocking turn of events, Tucker Carlson, Fox News’ star anchor, was suddenly fired due to his questioning of Dominion Voting Systems and their alleged involvement in the 2020 election. According to Axios, a board member for Fox News revealed that Carlson was pulled off the air as a consequence for his coverage of the Dominion lawsuit. Unfortunately, the identity of this board member remains unclear.

However, it is known that the board members are few in number and include Fox News founder, Rupert Murdoch, and former House Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan has previously expressed his disdain for Carlson’s conservative views, calling it “toxic sludge”. He even claimed to blame himself for not standing up to misinformation put forth by Fox News in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

Despite Carlson’s nightly draw of three million viewers to the network, his coverage of the Dominion suit was the straw that broke the camel’s back. In April, Fox News reached a massive $787 million settlement with Dominion to avoid litigation accusing the network of allowing Carlson and other on-air talent to question the integrity of the electoral process.

To make matters worse, Carlson released a letter accusing Fox News of breaching its contract with him. The contract stipulated that he was to remain off the air until the 2024 elections. Carlson’s lawyer even threatened to file a lawsuit against Fox founder Rupert Murdoch and other executives if he was blocked from launching his own news program on Twitter, an announcement Carlson made the same day.

Despite all of these facts, a Fox spokesperson denied Carlson’s termination was due to the Dominion lawsuit. An attorney for the company even insisted that they did not demand the host be terminated as part of the settlement agreement. Despite what they say, it is clear that Fox News was unable to tolerate Carlson’s conservative views and made a move to silence him. It is time for conservatives to stand up against liberal censorship and support Tucker Carlson during this difficult time.

Written by Staff Reports

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