Report: MORE Classified Biden Documents Found In Separate Location

This week, it was reported that Joe Biden took classified documents from the Obama administration to his private office. A different story revealed that he also took other sensitive documents with him.

According to NBC News:

"After Biden left the White House, his staff discovered that he had additional classified documents in a different location. This was according to a person close to the situation.

After learning that some of the documents were classified, Biden's aides started looking for other classified materials that he might have used in other locations, the source said.

The White House did not return a request for comment."

Shortly after the White House briefing on Wednesday, which was conducted by Biden's press secretary, the report about Biden having additional classified documents dropped. Although Jean-Pierre referred to the seriousness of the information being handled by the president, she refused to provide other details about the situation.

It's widely believed that the White House was aware of the second set of classified documents that Biden had. Jean-Pierre also refused to provide details about the nature of the mistake Biden made.

In a statement, Biden criticized his predecessor Donald Trump for having classified documents in his private estate in Florida. He also referred to how irresponsible it was for Trump to have such documents. It was later revealed that Biden took other classified documents with him when he was the vice president.

Despite his responsibility for mishandling classified documents, Biden refused to discuss the issue during a press briefing in Mexico City. He did, however, reveal that he had taken some of the documents to a different location.

Townhall reported earlier that James Comer, the newly appointed chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has already sent letters to various government agencies asking them to provide him with information about the reasons behind the disclosure of the first set of highly classified documents. It is also a safe bet that he will follow up with another request regarding the second set of documents that Biden had.

The discovery of more classified documents has raised more questions regarding the number of documents Biden improperly stored after he left office. If he was genuinely shocked by the first set of documents' discovery, how can he be sure that the second batch of documents, which were not classified at that time, were also taken with him when he left office? Also, it's not clear where he took all of these documents.

Some Republican members of the House have also called for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the matter. They believe that a thorough investigation is needed to determine the exact nature of the documents that Biden had.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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