Erika, Rep. Byron Donalds’ Wife: “The Most Racist Attacks We Experience Are Always From the Left”

The Gateway Pundit talked about the fireworks during Rep. Byron Donald's appearance on Joy Ann Reid's program, "The Reid Out."

They discussed various topics, such as critical race theory, the removal of Democrats from committees, and social security.
Reid criticized Republicans for removing several Democrats from their committees, such as Ilhan Omar, Adam Swalwell, and Adam Schiff. Donalds noted that this precedent had been established by Democrats.

Donalds completely destroyed Reid. His wife, who is White, also agreed with him. Before her husband's appearance, she had responded to racist attacks.

She stated that the most racist attacks that she and Byron have experienced are from the left. They were unable to accept that a free-thinking African-American man could achieve success on his own merit. They also couldn't stand that he was married to her.

The screenshots shared by Donalds include a sampling of the left’s racism.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on GATEWAY PUNDIT.


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