REPORT: Nine Boxes of Biden Docs Seized From Attorney’s Office

The National Archives and Records Administration seized nine boxes of documents from President Joe Biden's lawyer's office in Boston in November. However, the fact that they have not yet been reviewed is suspicious. Fox News reports that the documents were taken from attorney Patrick Moore's office on November 9th, after he discovered classified documents belonging to the President on November 2nd. They were shipped from the Penn Biden Center, where Biden held an office, and were subsequently moved to Moore's Boston office on November 3rd. The documents were then secured in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, where NARA was notified of their location.

The delay in reviewing the documents is worrying, particularly considering that the FBI searched the Penn Biden Center in mid-November when classified documents were discovered there. Moreover, more documents were found at Biden's homes in Delaware on December 20th, January 11th, January 12th, and January 20th, following searches conducted by the Department of Justice and his legal team. President Biden has expressed "surprise" at the discovery of these documents and claims to have no knowledge of their contents.

There are indications of suspicious activity surrounding President Biden's documents. The fact that the NARA has not reviewed them is worrying, and it suggests that the President may be attempting to conceal something. Additionally, it is disconcerting that Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to probe whether Biden mishandled classified documents, yet no outcome has been reached in this investigation. The American public has the right to know what is happening with President Biden's documents, and it is imperative that the NARA conducts a prompt review of them.

It is evident that President Joe Biden is attempting to conceal information by refusing to permit the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to scrutinize nine boxes of documents retrieved from his lawyer's Boston office. These documents were taken from attorney Patrick Moore's office on November 9th, following their shipment from the Penn Biden Center, where the President previously held an office. Moore had discovered the original cache of the President's classified documents on November 2nd. It is disquieting that although the FBI carried out a search of the Penn Biden Center in mid-November after classified documents were discovered there, NARA has not yet assessed these documents.

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