REPORT: The 2000-Year-Old Burial Cave of Jesus’ Midwife Discovered

The Israel Antiquities Authority is currently carrying out archaeological excavations near a cave that dates back to 2,000 years. This is the first time the agency has conducted such an investigation in the area. If the cave was the burial site of Salome, a midwife from the Bible, it would be significant.

Christians believe that Salome was a midwife who was asked to assist in the delivery of Jesus. When she arrived at the place where he was being born, she was initially not impressed by the baby's appearance. However, after holding the child, she was healed. Salome also stated that a great king was born to Israel.

The site, which was initially a Jewish burial complex, was established during the first century AD. However, it eventually became a significant Christian site during the later centuries due to its association with Salome. During the time of the Byzantine chapel, the area was regarded as a place of pilgrimage.

About 40 years ago, looters discovered the Solome Cave. However, after a doctor of antiquities, who was identified as Amos Kloner, started investigating it, his work was stopped. The cave's interior is approximately 350 square meters. It features numerous mosaic floors and stone walls. New research regarding the cave's forecourt is being carried out by the researchers.

Through their investigation, the researchers were able to uncover the cave's interior and the chapel inside. They learned that the family that owned the cave was very rich, as they were able to spend a lot of money on the details. The walls of the cave featured carvings of vases, pomegranates, rosettes, and other objects.

Although it's not exactly clear if the cave was the burial site of Salome, the inscriptions found on its walls indicate that the area was dedicated to her. IAA director Saar Ganor stated that the public can visit the cave and its forecourt once the necessary repairs and restorations are carried out.

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