REPORT: Undercover agents were among Proud Boys at Capitol Hill riot

Finally, some truth is beginning to emerge about the Capitol Hill riot on January 6. It was revealed that at least 10-12 undercover officers from the D.C. Metro Police Department’s Narcotics Special Investigation Division were among the Proud Boys on that fateful day, which calls for a new trial to be held. This news highlights how the mainstream media has failed to cover this issue in any depth, as it conflicts with the narrative that it was a riot led by fervent Trump supporters.

It is now clear that government informants were doing Jan. 6 surveillance, with at least 40 undercover agents present. Defense attorney Roger Roots claims that the number of informants is more than 50 and that the true number is likely to be even higher. The fact that there were so many undercover agents present suggests that there was almost certainly some form of entrapment occurring, with MPD officers instigating violence and open conflict within the crowd as they approached the U.S Capitol.

This new information also indicates that these undercover agents may have played a crucial role in turning the peaceful demonstrations into a violent riot. So far, Tomasula has admitted to chanting “Whose House? Our House!” and “Stop the Steal!”. Therefore, this raises the question of how many other undercover agents were recording with their body cameras, and why this information had been hidden until now?

The FBI had confidential human sources at the very highest levels of the Proud Boys, including several who were the actual presidents of Proud Boy chapters. There were also FBI confidential human sources within the ‘Ministry of Self Defense’ Proud Boy group, which the government claims was the vehicle, the means, and the mechanism for the supposed Proud Boy plot to overthrow the U.S. government on January 6, 2021. It is suspicious how prosecutors have illegally withheld evidence involving government agencies other than the FBI.

The mainstream media’s refusal to report on these issues and the involvement of undercover agents provides evidence of how far partisan politics has infiltrated news coverage. Americans must question where the line between bias and professionalism lies; it is more essential than ever to seek reliable and trustworthy sources to get a true picture of the events of January 6.  It is only with unbiased reporting that Americans can get closer to understanding what happened that day and who is responsible for it.

Written by Staff Reports

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