Media Meltdown as Americans give Trump Standing Ovation at UFC Event

Despite the Democrats and their liberal media cronies trying to knock him down, former President Donald Trump continues to maintain his strong support among Americans who stand by him through thick and thin. Even at the UFC 287 event which he attended, the arena gave him a rousing standing ovation and chanted “U-S-A”, showing their unwavering support for the great leader.

The Left’s latest attempt to politically persecute the much-loved president through Manhattan DA’s Alvin Bragg’s backfired, as pundits predict that it will only make him more popular, possibly making him the front-runner for the 2024 presidential race.

President Trump’s latest campaign video, which features footage of his arraignment, shows his critics panning and peddling conspiracy theories about him. The video gives his followers a sense of his innocence and reinvigorates the belief that he is still the people’s president.

The president used his Truth Social account to post the video, which includes voiceovers from various political commentators who question the political persecution against the former president. His followers can be seen cheering and waving American flags as President Trump arrives at the courthouse for his arraignment.

If you’re doing well in life, President Trump is asking you to show your support by donating to his campaign. On the other hand, if you are struggling, he wants you to work hard and not worry about his campaign’s funding, as he is only interested in helping to make America great again. We must continue to stand by him and pledge our unwavering support to the man who made America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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