RFK Jr. Calls Trump Greatest Debater Questions CNN Neutrality in Upcoming Debate

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has stirred the pot by proclaiming that former President Donald Trump is the “greatest debater in modern American history.” Kennedy’s comments came during a discussion with Piers Morgan, where he also expressed skepticism about CNN hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash posing tough questions to the candidates due to their perceived support for COVID-era policies.

Kennedy lambasted Tapper and Bash, accusing them of being “cheerleaders” for the COVID lockdowns that impacted millions of businesses and shifted wealth to the wealthy elite. He insinuated that these hosts would not hold Trump and Biden accountable during the debate, questioning whether they would truly ask the tough questions necessary.

While Morgan attempted to defend Tapper and Bash as capable journalists who could deliver hard-hitting questions, Kennedy remained doubtful, suggesting that Trump’s charismatic and unapologetic debating style could outshine Biden’s performance. Drawing parallels to historical debates, Kennedy hinted at Trump’s knack for captivating audiences and weaving narratives that resonate with his supporters.

The prospect of a potential debate “train wreck” leading to Biden’s replacement raised eyebrows, with Kennedy hinting at the DNC’s super-delegates possibly considering such a move. The anticipation for the upcoming debate lies not only in the candidates’ performances but also in the moderators’ ability to maintain neutrality and ask probing questions that delve into crucial policy matters.

As the stage is set for a showdown between Trump and Biden, the expectations are high for a fiery exchange that could sway undecided voters. The focus on policy discussions and the candidates’ ability to articulate their visions for the future of the country will be paramount in determining the debate’s outcome and potentially shaping the course of the upcoming election.

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