Mayor Adams’s Call for Cooling Centers Ignored by Own Cronies—Only 6 of 225 Respond!

Mayor Adams is having a hard time convincing his own cronies to listen to his pleas. The Mayor’s office recently attempted to rally 225 local elected officials and staffers to open their offices as “cooling centers” for the public. Drum roll, please! Only six thought it was worth their time. That’s a whopping 2.67% response rate for those who like the math.

One could imagine Mayor Adams, in his air-conditioned office, probably thinking this idea would be a hit. After all, what better way to gather folks around the liberal prose of his governance than to give them a chance to cool off in the sweltering heat? Apparently, his buddies didn’t get the memo or likely just didn’t care enough to read it.

This embarrassing flop reveals more than just the inefficiencies in administration; it dares to highlight the inner workings of a party that claims to care about the people. If the Democrats can’t even manage a simple ask within their own network, one shudders to think how they handle more significant issues. Heaven forbid they need to rally together for something more than just air conditioning.

The six officials who responded may need a pat on the back, but it leaves everyone wondering about the commitment level of the rest. It’s a simple task, folks, yet more than 200 local Democrats couldn’t muster the energy. Maybe they were too busy plotting new taxes or planning the next big government program destined to fail.

This futile attempt at a solution by Mayor Adams’s office serves as a stark reminder to the public that competence and efficiency often go missing in liberal governance. While conservatives believe in taking responsibility and making effective plans, it appears Democrats remain more focused on grandstanding than actual public service.

Written by Staff Reports

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