Rising Unemployment Spells Trouble for Biden Economy

New numbers show that more Americans are filing for unemployment benefits, signaling more trouble for President Biden’s economy. The left-wing media can’t hide the facts anymore – with jobless claims rising, it’s clear that Bidenomics is a disaster.

The Department of Labor reported that 231,000 people filed for unemployment benefits by May 4th, up from the previous week. This was even higher than what experts predicted. The media tried to spin this bad news, but the truth is out there for everyone to see.

It’s been revealed that many of the jobs that were supposedly being created were going to immigrants, not American citizens. This includes illegal immigrants taking up a significant portion of these jobs while many U.S. men are struggling to find work. This is not the strong economy that Biden promised.

Economists are now worried about the direction of the economy, with job openings decreasing and the labor market expected to slow down. Even though the unemployment rate has only slightly increased, the reality is that the economy is not as stable as the Biden administration wants you to believe.

With inflation on the rise, real wages dropping, and now more people losing their jobs, it’s clear that the government’s policies are hurting American workers. It’s time for a change in leadership to get the economy back on track and support American workers.

Written by Staff Reports

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