Russia Issues Terrifying Warning to US: We’re on the Brink of Nuclear War!

In a recent statement from Russia’s Foreign Ministry, the United States has been issued a warning about the increasing risk of nuclear war, as tensions with Ukraine continue to escalate. The Russia-China relationship can be characterized as a “strategic partnership” that has been growing closer and closer in recent years, and the United States should be cautious in adopting policies or positions that undermine strategic stability between Moscow, as well as Beijing.

Vladimir Yermakov, director of the Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control at Russia’s Foreign Ministry, has stated that the fate of the START treaty may be a “foregone conclusion” if the United States continues its current course of confrontation with Russia. This chilling warning should serve as a reminder to President Joe Biden and the United States that they are risking a grave nuclear escalation in their confrontations with Russia.

The recent breakdown in the exchange of information about nuclear forces with Russia has only added to these tensions. The United States’ response to Russia’s suspension of participation in the New START treaty has been to cease exchanging certain information. This has only fueled greater distrust between the two nations, and increased the risk of catastrophic conflict.

The West’s possible involvement in the global expansion of the US anti-missile system, initially designed to provide protection against potential missile attacks by North Korea, is also deeply troubling to Moscow. Russia is concerned that this system could be used to target its nuclear forces, and this possibility poses a grave threat to strategic stability between the two nations.

These recent warnings by Russia are a sign of the growing tension between the United States and Russia, which began deteriorating in 2014 following Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. The two countries have since engaged in a new round of arms race, with both sides developing new nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Experts have raised concerns about the possibility of a new arms race and even a nuclear conflict. The world cannot afford to ignore these warnings and must prioritize peaceful resolution and de-escalation of this conflict.

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