Saudis HUMILIATE Joe Biden With Major Oil Announcement

The recent journey that Joe Biden took to the Middle East was the subject of several news stories, none of which were very positive. The president started his trip in Israel, where he immediately insulted people who had died in the Holocaust. Throughout the week, there were other times when he appeared weak, both physically and mentally, giving off the impression that he was detached and out of it. Then there was President Biden's visit in Saudi Arabia, which resulted in the now-famous fist bump that caused those on the left to clench their teeth because they despise the Saudis.

However, the most important takeaway from the president's visit is that it was completely fruitless. There was never any proof shown, despite the fact that the White House made several attempts to indicate that an agreement for greater output had been reached. As part of a significant declaration made by OPEC Plus on Wednesday, the Saudis stabbed President Biden straight in the front. The reason for this became evident on Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia was one of the original creators of OPEC, and the country continues to exert a significant amount of influence on the other countries that are members of OPEC and OPEC Plus. The entire purpose of President Biden's travel to the kingdom was to win Saudi backing for a significant boost in production to assist in mitigating the effects of the global oil supply bottleneck, which has led to a spike in prices. As a result, the president did not get the anticipated output increase of around 500,000 barrels per day but rather just 100,000, which is a significant decrease in comparison to what was anticipated. To put this into perspective, the United States consumes around 21 million barrels of oil per day, which means that an increase of 100,000 barrels per day globally is little more than a rounding error.

However, the situation is becoming increasingly dire. It would appear that the "increase" in question does not even constitute an actual increase.

This is what it looks like when you completely fail. The President of the United States traveled to the Middle East in order to grovel for oil from a nation that he had previously attempted to label as a "pariah." Why? Because Biden's own energy policies in the United States have been so terrible. After that, the president came back with no concrete agreement, opting to focus on rhetoric rather than substance. Now that the outcomes of that have been determined, the Saudis are not even pretending that they participated in it. It's yet another thing that can make the nation and President Biden look bad.

This is the risk that comes with having the "expert" in charge of the United States's foreign policy in the White House. You may add his plan to punish the Saudis while boosting Iran to the long list of significant geopolitical issues on which Biden has been notoriously shown incorrect over the past half-century. Biden's strategy to punish the Saudis while advancing Iran. This outcome was not predetermined in any manner. The possibility of a better Middle East was left open by Trump, with Arab states and Israel advancing toward a peace agreement that will go down in history. The only thing that was required of President Biden was to enjoy his ice cream, maintain business as usual, and reap the advantages for everyone.

However, he was unable to complete the task. Instead, the president chose to stick his finger in the eye of the Saudis, which resulted in the cessation of their long-standing collaboration with the United States, which was detrimental to the interests of American consumers. However, for what? to negotiate some meaningless nuclear agreement with Iran? This is the person that Joe Biden is. He is the type of person that is always looking for ways to fail, and he has the ability to sabotage even the best of situations.

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