School District Sued Over Alleged Discrimination Against Christian Club

A lawsuit has been filed by Liberty Counsel, a litigation and policy nonprofit, against the Providence Public School District (PPSD) in Rhode Island for discriminating against the Child Evangelical Fellowship (CEF) in an unconstitutional manner. According to the 154-page lawsuit, the PPSD has prevented CEF from being acknowledged as an after-school club at any of its sites for the last two years, despite approving CEF's request for the use of school property for the 2019-2020 academic year.

According to the lawsuit, the district has demonstrated unfairness and animosity towards CEF Rhode Island's religious message, resulting in elementary school students in the district being deprived of the opportunity to participate in Good News Clubs that promote positive character-building, which have benefited many students in other school districts in Rhode Island and across the nation. The lawsuit further alleges that the district has repeatedly requested additional time to examine the application, but has not made a decision to approve or reject it for the past two years.

This incident adds to the list of instances where progressive school districts attempt to impose their own beliefs on students and families. The PPSD's actions seem to hinder the establishment of Christian clubs on school premises while permitting non-religious clubs, infringing on religious freedom and violating the First Amendment. The district's obvious prejudice against Christianity and the exclusion of students wishing to join Christian clubs is regrettable.

The fact that the PPSD permits Girls on the Run and Boys and Girls Clubs to function on its premises while restricting Good News Clubs' entry is also worrying. The discriminatory approach is unacceptable, highlighting the district's inequitable treatment of organizations. It seems that the district is forcing its progressive viewpoints on students and families by restricting access to Christian clubs.

It is time for parents to take a stand against this kind of discrimination and demand that their children have access to all clubs, regardless of religious affiliation. The PPSD should be held accountable for its unconstitutional discrimination against Christian clubs and should be forced to allow them to operate on its campuses. It is time for parents to make their voices heard and demand that their children have access to all clubs, regardless of religious affiliation.

Written by Staff Reports

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