Scott Jennings Exposes Alleged Biden Mental Decline as Trump’s Silence Speaks Volumes

Scott Jennings, conservative commentator extraordinaire on CNN, has once again highlighted the glaring issue everyone else seems to be dancing around: Joe Biden’s alarming decline. During Wednesday’s “CNN News Central,” Jennings didn’t pull any punches when discussing the ongoing gaslighting regarding Biden’s mental state—aptly dubbing it the “big lie” of this election cycle.

Sara Sidner of CNN inquired about how Republicans must be chomping at the bit, witnessing Biden’s blunders unfold. Jennings, with the wisdom of a seasoned political observer, noted that Donald Trump has wisely remained silent. But he quickly steered the conversation to the bigger problem—the Democrats’ consistent misrepresentation of Biden’s competence.

Contrary to what Biden’s defenders might claim, his embarrassing performance isn’t just a one-off. Jennings referred to reports, even from liberal strongholds like Axios and The New York Times, revealing an elaborate three-and-a-half-year coverup. This effort was aimed at preventing the public from seeing just how compromised Biden really is. Alarming new details indicate that Biden’s lapses during meetings are worsening, with senior diplomats skeptical about his ability to effectively engage with world leaders.

The New York Times article, “Biden’s Lapses Are Said to Be Increasingly Common and Worrisome,” is a damning exposé that takes almost 20 minutes to digest. It pulls no punches, diving deep into the involvement of First Lady Jill Biden and First Son Hunter Biden, who have apparently been propping up the president while casting blame left and right to cover his evident frailties.

The internal turmoil leaks out as Biden’s camp points fingers at staff and advisors for recent debate disasters. Preparations for these public appearances are so cumbersome that they don’t even start before 11 a.m., and Biden requires substantial downtime. Jennings called out the ludicrousness of Biden blaming his poor performance on a foreign trip that happened 12 days prior during a fundraiser in Virginia.

As appalling as Biden’s debate performance was, Jennings reminded viewers that this was Biden at his supposed best—following seven days of rest and top-notch preparation. As Jennings pointed out, the real concern isn’t about Biden’s ability to campaign. The pressing question is, who’s actually running the White House now? With Biden’s obvious unfitness for office, it’s troubling to think about what this administration is doing behind the scenes as America faces serious challenges.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration, especially Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, desperately tries to keep up the facade, gaslighting the American people into believing all is well. But the reality—laid bare by Jennings and acknowledged even by some in Biden’s own party—is that the president’s deterioration is a clear and present danger. And as Democratic governors gather, ready to pounce at an opportunity to replace Biden, it’s obvious that even his closest allies are losing faith.

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