Senator Demands Answers on Alleged Dem Fundraising Scheme

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) received a letter from Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, where he expressed concerns about a fundraising scheme allegedly taking place in Democratic political campaigns. The Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively obtained the letter, where Johnson demanded answers from the FEC. According to a video report by O'Keefe Media Group (OMG), ActBlue, a Democratic fundraising nonprofit, is allegedly part of a money laundering scheme that channels funds into political campaigns. The senator's letter seeks an explanation from the FEC regarding OMG's findings that reveal donors unknowingly donating to political campaigns.

ActBlue, as per its website, has aided various Democratic political campaigns, left-leaning organizations, and other nonprofits in raising more than $11 billion. The nonprofit has also extended its assistance to Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and several pro-Biden groups. Nonetheless, the video report by OMG exhibited that individuals listed as donors in the FEC data made sizable donations "thousands of times a year" to campaigns like President Joe Biden's. But, many of them have apparently denied making such payments.

According to the FEC data, an individual was recorded to have made more than 31,000 donations to ActBlue, summing up to about $230,000 since 2019. However, when asked about these payments, the individual denied having made them. These findings suggest that ActBlue is involved in fraudulent activities, which require a comprehensive investigation.

Senator Johnson's staff requested a briefing from the FEC regarding OMG's discoveries. Initially, the FEC agreed to the request but later withdrew from the meeting after the date was set. Unfortunately, the agency did not provide any explanation letter for canceling the briefing. The FEC notified Johnson's team that they have limitations on the information they can share to maintain the confidentiality of enforcement activities until they are formally resolved and closed by the agency.

Senator Johnson forwarded the letter on behalf of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, which is responsible for supervising the efficiency of federal agencies. It is crucial to conduct political campaigns and fundraising transparently and ethically. The FEC must be competent in dealing with potential misconduct to uphold trust in its ability to address such issues. Democratic campaign organizations must face responsibility for their wrongful activities.

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