SHOCKING: Biden’s Embarrassing Gaffes Exposed – Needs Hunter’s Help to Function!

President Biden’s recent visit to Ireland has not been smooth sailing, to say the least. The commander-in-chief has been caught yet again struggling without a prepared speech, making embarrassing gaffes one after the other. Not only did he confuse the New Zealand rugby team with officers from the Irish War of Independence, but he also failed to answer a child’s innocent question about success.

It’s no wonder that Hunter Biden was traveling with his dad, as without him, President Biden may not be able to function at all. The transcript from the White House paints a sad picture of the president needing his son to direct him on where to go and what to say, which is incredibly disconcerting.

When asked by a child about the key to success, Biden struggled to answer the question, ultimately rambling on about how it is essential to question someone’s judgment but never question their motive. In contrast, blaming their disagreeing viewpoint on personal characteristics is entirely wrong. What is even more unsettling is the president’s eagerness to share a story about a notorious segregationist, Jesse Helms. Biden apologized to Helms after realizing he had misjudged him, saying he had questioned Helms’ motives and repeating that he would never do that again. The issue with this is that Helms made some notoriously racist remarks throughout his career, and Biden’s use of him as an example shows his sheer lack of judgment.

The transcript later highlights a moment when Hunter Biden had to inform his father that he was supposed to greet people on the rope line. It’s a truly concerning image, imagining Hunter, a man with a stunning history of drug abuse, acting as the leader of the free world’s puppeteer.

It’s time for people to wake up and realize that the Biden presidency is a farce. The president is unraveling with every public appearance, and his administration is nothing but a façade with Hunter Biden lurking in the background. If the American people want a competent, honest leader, they need to look somewhere else other than President Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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