SHOCKING: Hunter Biden’s business partner visited White House 16 times

A new report from Fox News has exposed the shocking revelation that Hunter Biden’s former business partner, John Robinson “Rob” Walker, visited the White House on a whopping sixteen separate occasions during his father’s time as Vice President of the United States. This is a significant development, as Walker became the target of the House Oversight Committee after it was revealed that Biden family members had received over $1 million in payments linked to Chinese associates of the family and Walker.

The subpoena of Bank of America issued by committee chair James Comer (R-KY) revealed a memo demonstrating that payments were made to Biden family members and their companies over a period of three months by Walker. Furthermore, there is no indication of what these payments were in exchange for, leading to numerous questions regarding corruption and nepotism.

Comer spoke with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo recently regarding the probe and the information uncovered. He stated that the White House had initially denied any knowledge of the family’s dealings with Chinese Communist Party-linked entities, but now bank records have proven the opposite to be true. It’s concerning that the White House would be so duplicitous in its dealings.

According to Fox News, Walker’s visits to the White House spanned throughout Joe Biden’s entire tenure as Vice President, which is also worrying. Is it possible that the Bidens were conducting shifty business practices for years, right under our noses? Two days after a meeting with Obama assistant David Lane in 2011, Hunter invited Lane to his home for a “cookout”, which further raises questions regarding relationships and dealings with the Obama administration and its officials.

Regardless of how one may interpret the situation, it remains a fact that the Bidens have created significant controversy throughout Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Hunter Biden recently admitted involvement in multi-million business dealings in China, and his father is fueling a wave of extremism and socialism throughout the country. The country deserves better. Hopefully, this report will prompt further investigation into the matter and ensure that justice is served.

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