SHOCKING: Liberals Give Out Meth Pipes to Homeless People

A shocking report from Fox 11 has revealed that a Los Angeles nonprofit organization called Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles, has allegedly been supplying free meth pipes to homeless people. The organization reportedly drives around the Skid Row neighborhood, one of the largest homeless communities in the US, and provides homeless individuals with meth pipes. Unfortunately, the nonprofit’s actions have not been met with approval from the community. Those watching over them, feel that such initiatives are contributing to the worsening drug addiction issues in the area.

The findings of Fox 11 revealed that used meth pipes have been strewn all over the streets of Skid Row by the organization. Residents have also expressed their displeasure saying that the nonprofit should not be promoting drug addiction by handing out drugs to the homeless. One of the community members, Tony Anthony, who recently spoke with Fox 11 said: “They had boxes of it passing it out, and I’m like, this is a damn shame… they shouldn’t be doing this”.

To make things even worse, Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles claims on their website to offer “harm reduction” services to the homeless. They claim to have a “harm reduction” model that focuses on meeting homeless people where they are and helping them reduce the harms associated with their drug use. However, it’s unclear how providing used meth pipes to homeless people helps in meeting them where they are, or how it reduces the potential harm associated with drug addiction.

Handing out free drug paraphernalia to homeless people, a tactic increasingly popular among homeless advocacy organizations, is unacceptable. These organizations argue that providing meth pipes rather than syringes or needles reduces the spread of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C. However, instead of finding better ways to help the homeless, such organizations, often just make things worse for these people.

Such initiatives by Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles and other organizations actually contribute to the worsening drug addiction issue rather than providing a solution. Let us hope that more politicians and community leaders can work together to find a better solution to help the homeless community and prevent the issue from escalating further.

Written by Staff Reports

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