Special Counsel’s Bias Exposes “Invisible Victims”

Conservatives have been looking closely at Special Counsel Jack Smith because they think that the latest charges he brought against former President Donald Trump were done for political reasons only. In response, a former advisor to President Trump is asking critics to think about what he calls Smith's "invisible victims."

In an opinion piece for Breitbart, Dr. Sebastian Gorka explained why Smith was going after "humble, hardworking Americans like President Trump's butler Walt Nauta and Mar-a-Lago's property manager Carlos De Oliveira." Gorka said that Nauta is a Navy veteran who served his country with honour and is now facing charges for moving boxes of papers within his authority.

Gorka also said that De Oliveira was picked out because he worked for the 45th President of the United States. He said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was wrong to treat Hunter Biden, who was given a good plea deal, differently than working-class De Oliveira.

Gorka said, with a bit of snark, that it was ironic that Democrats claim to fight for the working class, but then let the DOJ "Dobermans" go after people who work for people they disagree with politically. Gorka says that when it comes to backing people who are close to Trump, the Democrats no longer seem to care about helping the poor and oppressed.

Gorka isn't the only one who is worried about how Smith acts. A former head of the Justice Department's organised crime unit joined in and voiced concern that a DOJ prosecutor, Jay Bratt, was reportedly trying to pressure Nauta's lawyer into getting Nauta to help. Bratt is said to have hinted that the lawyer's chance of becoming a federal judge could be hurt if they did not cooperate.

Gorka also said that the people whose job it is to seek justice were getting in the way of it by only focused on one person: President Trump. He questioned how serious they were about being fair, impartial, and honest when their actions showed a clear political goal.

It's clear that conservatives are banding together against Special Counsel Smith and saying that his charges are nothing but a political plot. By putting the spotlight on "invisible victims" like Nauta and De Oliveira, their stories of unfair treatment and political bias in the justice system are brought to light.

Written by Staff Reports

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