Twitter Users Dismantle Pence’s Energy Ad in 3 Shocking Ways. See How!

Former vice president Mike Pence has released a new energy plan ad in response to the rising gas prices under President Biden. The energy plan page on Pence’s campaign website states, “In order to win the future, America must have the energy capacity to independently power our economy and lead the world’s energy future.” It goes on to say that by lifting government restrictions and encouraging private energy production, President Pence will ensure that America leads the world again.

In the ad, Pence reminds voters about the average gas price in 2020 compared to the current prices under Biden. At first glance, it appears that Pence is just an ordinary person pumping gas in his truck. However, upon closer inspection, a few things seem off. First, Pence never selects a fuel grade. Second, his finger is not clutching the lever used to pump gas. And third, he fails to pay for the gas, as there is no credit or debit card.

Political commentator, Pat Gray, pointed out that the beeping sound in the ad is actually the sound to select the fuel grade. Another Twitter user criticized Pence for not having a bed liner in his truck and called him a “psycho” who can’t be trusted. These observations have created some buzz on social media, leading to the creation of a meme mocking Pence’s gas-pumping skills.

This incident highlights the importance of authenticity and relatability in political ads, especially in the age of social media. Pence may need to rethink his approach if he wants to connect with average Americans and gain their trust.

Written by Staff Reports

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