Stacey Abrams CRUSHED In Georgia Debate

On Monday, Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp crushed the Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams. He attacked her for being weak on crime and for supporting lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic. Abrams was criticized for being weak on crime.

Abrams began the discussion by spreading the falsehood that she had already conceded the 2018 race to Brian Kemp. This is despite the fact that she had spent the previous several months claiming that the election had been tainted against her.

Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams referred to the voter integrity law that Georgia passed in 2021 as "Jim Crow 2.0." However, as Kemp pointed out in the debate, black voter turnout in Georgia has gradually climbed since the bill's implementation.

In 2018, when it came to the contest for governor, we had the highest turnout of African Americans anywhere in the country. She said that the recent election integrity statute that we passed two years ago, Senate Bill 202, would be oppressive and a modern-day version of Jim Crow laws. In the primaries that took place in May of this past year, both the Republican and Democratic parties experienced unprecedented levels of voter participation. It's easy to vote in Georgia, but it's really difficult to cheat, he remarked.

Stacey Abrams was called out by Kemp for her extremism with regard to the Black Lives Matter movement, namely for her advocacy of defunding the police and doing away with cash bail.

He stated, I am for safety and justice, as his position. No sheriffs in the state are backing her because of her positions on wanting to defund the police, eliminating cash bail, and serving on the boards of groups like the Margurite Casey Foundation, which promotes and gives funding to organizations that are advocating the drive to defund the police. No sheriffs in the state are endorsing her because of her positions on wanting to defund the police.

Stacey Abrams stated there was "no genuine cause" for her state to eliminate viral restrictions during the time that Brian Kemp made news during the 2020 lockdowns by being one of the first states to open for business. Brian Kemp was one of the first states to open for business.

She made this statement at the time, There is no valid reason for reopening the state except for politics, and I believe it's terribly disingenuous for him to pretend otherwise. There is no legitimate cause for reopening the state other for politics.

She continued by saying, We're not ready to go back to normal.  The most defenseless and fragile members of society are being forced to bear the brunt of spreading a sickness for which there is no cure.

Kemp criticized Abrams for her previous support of a pro-lockdown program that, if implemented, would have severely damaged Georgia's economy.

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