Steve Bannon RAIDED By Swat Team During Podcast

On Thursday, Steve Bannon, the former mastermind behind President Donald Trump’s administration, was swatted by the police while he delivered his podcast “War Room”. The incident came at a critical moment when Bannon was in the middle of discussing ongoing investigations in the current administration. According to Bannon, the disruption took place in the first hour of the show’s C-block, warning his team to stop interrupting him so he could focus on the task at hand.

Swatting is a cowardly and dangerous incident that triggers a fake emergency call and prompts a SWAT team to enter the premises of the victim. The criminals behind such an act have to understand that swatting is an ill-fated move that puts everyone at risk, including the police tasked with responding. Steve Bannon in his podcast condemned the people behind this cowardly act, highlighting that criminal intentions were behind it.

Furthermore, in his podcast, Bannon also emphasized that swatting is part of the wider campaign of silencing conservative voices like Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, and himself. Bannon explained that the current administration fears an informed electorate and is hell-bent on silencing the voices of those who want to hold them accountable for their radicalization of America’s government and economy.

By resorting to swatting to silence Bannon, the criminal elements behind the act understand that the audience sympathetic to Bannon’s views is on the ascent. Thus, they will stop at nothing, even breaking the law, to silence conservative voices and hinder the electorate from making informed decisions about their governance. In conclusion, the DC Metro authorities and other law enforcement agencies must investigate this matter and ensure that the perpetrators of this criminal act face the full might of the law. The conservative movement opposes swatting and any other form of violence used to target those who hold different views from those of the current administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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