Supreme Court Backs Trump, Critics Slam Judge Cannon for Prudent Pace

Let’s talk about the circus surrounding Judge Aileen Cannon and her role in Trump’s classified documents case. The liberals have been in a tizzy, furiously typing away criticisms about her so-called “slow pace.” Apparently, they’ve forgotten that justice isn’t supposed to be a speed-dating event.

The Supreme Court recently stepped in with a landmark opinion that found former presidents enjoy absolute immunity for official acts. This ruling smacked down the lower courts in D.C. for their quick rejections of Trump’s claims of presidential powers. Chief Justice John Roberts, in a 6-3 decision, pointed out that these courts did a sloppy job by not properly distinguishing between official and unofficial acts.

And cue the liberal outrage machine. Media pundits and lawyers are foaming at the mouth, blasting Judge Cannon for taking her time. Even The New York Times reportedly said her colleagues urged her to pass the case to a more experienced judge. Too bad the Constitution doesn’t stipulate timelines to satisfy the press’s impatience. It’s almost like they’re upset she didn’t just roll over and rush to Trump’s conviction.

Speaking of haste, remember Judge Tanya Chutkan in D.C.? The Supreme Court’s decision indirectly called her and the D.C. Circuit out for their quick dismissal of Trump’s immunity claims. It seems like they were more interested in fast-tracking the trial before the 2024 election than ensuring a fair process. But now, with the Supreme Court’s ruling, the whole thing is bounced back to be handled properly.

Alan Dershowitz, the ever-reliable voice of sanity, believes this Supreme Court opinion vindicates Cannon after the media skewered her for not keeping pace with their stopwatch. Dershowitz rightly highlighted that the hurry-up offense being played by the other side exposes their primary goal: try to kneecap Trump before he faces Biden again in the election.

What does this all tell us? Judge Cannon is going by the book, which is precisely how justice should function—deliberate, thorough, and not rushed by political pressures. So while the left is losing their cool over her so-called “long-winded” handling of the case, the Supreme Court’s decision is a firm reminder that due process is not about speed but about getting it right. The vox populi can take a backseat on this one; the Constitution and the courts have it covered.

Written by Staff Reports

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