Supreme Court Enables Biden Admin to Tighten Grip on Big Tech Censorship

The Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision to let the Biden administration cozy back up to Big Tech like old college pals is setting up another round of the federal charade, where Democrats get to decide what’s “truth” on the internet. Despite a federal judge slapping the administration’s overreaching hand and ordering them to stop breathing down Silicon Valley’s neck, the White House is dead set on reviving their favorite pastime: policing speech online.

The White House Press Secretary gleefully applauded the Supreme Court’s dodge, claiming that it grants the administration the moral high ground to protect Americans from what she calls “unfounded Republican attacks.” That’s right, while conservative voices are suffering online shadow bans and deletions, the Biden administration is more concerned about keeping their narrative safe from any pesky opposition.

Over in the dissent corner, Justice Samuel Alito, with comrades Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, sounded the alarm on the dangers of this ruling. Alito emphasized that free speech is paramount for democratic self-governance and warned that the Court’s refusal to step in sets a perilous precedent. Essentially, by failing to call this clear coercion out for what it is—unconstitutional—the Court is giving future power-hungry officials a blueprint to gag opposition.

Justice Alito cautioned that the consequences would be regrettable, as it essentially greenlights sophisticated bullying tactics from high-ranking officials. In layman’s terms, get ready for more censoring of conservative viewpoints under the guise of combating “misinformation.” It’s a frightening reality to think that if tyranny is well-packaged, it might slip through the cracks of justice; apparently, the highest Court agrees.

With the power to censor back in the administration’s hands, conservatives can look forward to another season of fact-checkers turning a blind eye to damaging leaks or truthful reports that don’t fit the progressive script. Picture the White House demanding more draconian actions from social media moguls, shutting down any discussion that doesn’t parrot the party line.

This scenario leaves conservatives wondering what speech will still be considered free. When the government’s controlling interest dovetails with tech’s censorship capability, the danger to our fundamental liberties couldn’t be graver. And the Supreme Court missed a prime opportunity to stand as a bulwark against this creeping authoritarianism. But hey, at least the Biden administration can now keep holding Big Tech’s hand as they walk into the sunset of controlled messaging.

Written by Staff Reports

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