White House Tries to Counter GOP Claims of Biden’s Cognitive Decline

The White House is scrambling to fix Biden’s image as the GOP ramps up its narrative of the President’s declining mental faculties. Evidently, they believe slapping a “misinformation” label on Republican-circulated videos will make Americans forget how often Biden appears lost and confused.

Biden’s team thinks they can fight fire with fire by spotlighting Trump’s supposed gaffes and missteps. But let’s face it, voters are more concerned about Biden’s age and forgetfulness, especially after special counsel Robert Hur’s bombshell report on Biden’s behavior earlier this year. Not to mention, Trump, who’s only a few years younger, seems more vigorous as he keeps up a schedule that would exhaust men half his age.

The Republican National Committee has been riding high with viral success, sharing clips that expose Biden’s questionable moments at events. Trump’s campaign follows suit, and it’s resonating with voters who see Biden’s demeanor as proof of the guy’s cognitive struggles. It’s a story that has dogged Biden since day one—the oldest president in U.S. history who would be 86 by the end of a second term.

Biden might be gearing up for a debate against Trump this Thursday, but the expectations are low. Republicans are ready to pounce on any verbal blunders, while Biden’s team is planning to turn the tables by branding GOP footage as “cheap fakes.” This term is meant to undermine credibility, implying that the videos are clever edits.
The White House recently rolled out a campaign to share unflattering footage of Trump, hoping to reinforce the idea that he is unfit for office. 

Meanwhile, anyone with eyes can see Biden trying to sit in “invisible” chairs in unedited clips. Despite Democrats’ best efforts to discredit these genuine displays, the audience isn’t buying it. Biden is prone to gaffes and forgetfulness, and no amount of media spin can change that.

Trump’s camp isn’t too bothered by these tactics. They argue that Trump’s spontaneous, high-energy rally speeches and his razor-sharp memory showcase his tireless vigor. Biden needs carefully parsed statements and protective handlers to avoid further embarrassment. The Trump team maintains that posting unedited Biden clips will let the American people see the unsettling reality without any added drama.

Voter perception is already crystal clear, with polls showing a significant portion of the electorate viewing Biden as too old for the job. While Biden’s team tries to rally “trusted messengers” on social media to fight back, the more they protest, the more it draws attention to Biden’s real struggles.

As the debate looms, everyone’s anticipating a showdown filled with too many “gotcha” moments to count. However, displaying these two on the same stage might provide the definitive answer voters seek, making it difficult to believe any selective clip over their interactions' raw, unedited reality. Will the Democrats’ strategy work? Doubtful, but it’ll be fascinating to watch them try to spin their way out of this one.

Written by Staff Reports

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