Supreme Court Evaluates Trump’s Prosecution Immunity, Impact on Biden Likely

The Supreme Court is looking into whether former President Donald Trump can be prosecuted while he used to be the president. The ruling, expected around June or July, will be crucial in determining if Trump will initiate a “real special prosecutor” to go after President Joe Biden if Trump gets elected again. Trump believes in the idea of giving back what he got, suggesting that Democrats might face similar consequences they imposed on him and his supporters when he was in power.

During an interview in April, the biased Time magazine reporter asked Trump if he plans to instruct the Department of Justice to go after those prosecuting him. Trump hinted that he would fire U.S. attorneys who don’t follow his directions, depending on the circumstances. When asked if he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Bidens, Trump responded that it hinges on the Supreme Court’s decision about presidential immunity.

Trump criticized the current situation, comparing it to a “banana republic,” and indicated that the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity would guide his actions. He emphasized that a president should have immunity to avoid the presidency becoming just a figurehead. The former president warned that if Biden doesn’t get immunity, he believes Biden could face numerous charges for his actions.

Furthermore, a political consultant mentioned in an op-ed that Democrats should be wary of facing the same legal tactics they’ve used against Trump. He highlighted the dangerous trend of weaponizing the law for political gains, which could harm the nation’s democratic values. The consultant pointed out the need for Democrats to safeguard against potential retaliation and urged them to defend Trump in such legal battles to protect themselves in the future. The consultant also stressed the importance of recognizing the brewing storm of legal actions that could affect both parties.

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