Supreme Court Rejects Pastor’s Free Speech Fight Against University

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to deny a Christian pastor’s petition to intervene in a free speech lawsuit against the University of Alabama (UA) is a clear example of the liberal agenda being pushed by the court. Pastor Rodney Keister, founder of Evangelism Mission, was attempting to hand out evangelism pamphlets on a public sidewalk without a permit, but was denied by UA officials. Despite the fact that other circuits have ruled that a city sidewalk is a public forum for speech, the Eleventh Circuit ruled against Keister’s petition for a writ of certiorari, and the Supreme Court declined to hear the case without giving a reason.

Nate Kellum, chief counsel with Center for Religious Expression, expressed his surprise and disappointment with the Supreme Court’s decision, noting that their appeal had considerable merit. He also noted that this ruling could lead to the muzzling of free speech in public spaces in states that fall within the Eleventh Circuit. This is yet another example of the liberal agenda being pushed by the courts, as they continue to deny religious freedom and free speech rights to those who do not agree with their agenda.

It is clear that the University of Alabama is attempting to suppress religious freedom and free speech rights by requiring permits for any use of public sidewalks for public speaking and events. This is an outrageous violation of our First Amendment rights, and it is unacceptable that the Supreme Court has chosen to remain silent on this issue. It is time for the court to take a stand and protect our constitutional rights, as it is their duty to do so.

The University of Alabama did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment, which is unsurprising given their attempts to suppress religious freedom and free speech rights. It is time for the university to be held accountable for their actions and for the Supreme Court to take a stand against this blatant violation of our constitutional rights. The conservative movement must continue to fight for our freedoms and ensure that our rights are not trampled upon by those who wish to push a liberal agenda.

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