Legally Pathetic: Law Prof Slams DA’s “Made-for-TV” Trump Prosecution

Conservative George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley slammed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office for what he called a “made-for-TV Trump prosecution,” labeling it “legally pathetic.” The Department of Justice already rejected the “hush money” case against the 45th President, and even Bragg essentially shut it down when he took office. 

Bragg is attempting to twist state laws to try and prosecute Trump on erroneous charges of paying former stripper Stormy Daniels for her silence in 2016. Turley noted that it is exceedingly difficult to prove that paying to cover up an embarrassing affair was done for election purposes, rather than the more apparent reasons of protecting a celebrity’s reputation or preserving a marriage. In 2018, Turley wrote how difficult such a federal case would be under current election laws, with the case being all but dead after being rejected by the Southern District of New York’s U.S. Attorney’s office.

Despite the fact that the state charges in the anticipated indictment remain unclear, Turley expects they will fall under Section 175 for fabricating business documents, which is often a misdemeanor. For it to be classified as a Class E felony, there must be evidence of a fraudulent purpose that includes the intent to conduct another crime or to facilitate or hide its commission. Bragg's office had no time to prosecute this as a violation years ago; the statute of limitations is two years. The connection to a federal felony is crucial. Even proving the lengthier five-year restriction as a valid criminal case would be very difficult.

Turley believes that none of the legal problems with the case will matter in the “coming frenzy” as the case will be nothing but a flop. Bragg’s office may be trying to prove their worth to the radical left instead of focusing on actual cases. Though Trump and his associates have been facing multiple investigations by the Federal Election Commission and beyond for years, the charges never amounted to anything substantial. This case is one attempt to use up precious resources and is nothing but a media stunt show.

Written by Staff Reports

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