Supreme Court Steps Into Trump Case, Can They Stop The Witch Hunt?

The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case that will determine if Congress can legally challenge executive agencies. The case involves a lawsuit filed by Democratic members of Congress against the General Service Administration for refusing to provide them with records related to a lease agreement involving a Trump hotel in Washington.

In 2020, a divided DC Court of Appeals ruled that the members of Congress have the right to sue over the so-called seven-member rule, which mandates that executive records should be requested from the House Committee on Reform and Oversight.

The case was brought by 17 members of the House Oversight Committee, which is led by Elijah Cummings, a former ranking member of the House of Representatives. According to the Department of the Justice, only five of the committee's members are still involved in the original lawsuit. The Trump Organization later sold the lease on the hotel. Although the case has been transferred to the Biden administration, the Supreme Court's decision on it has significant implications for future presidents.

The case is important because it will determine if members of Congress can legally challenge the executive branch's actions without the support of the majority party. Elizabeth Prelogar of the Biden administration argued that the lawsuit was unprecedented and went against the principles of separation of powers.

According to Prelogar, the decision could lead to the establishment of a system of judicial decree and litigation, which could replace the political accommodation process. Judge Douglas Ginsburg, who was one of the judges who dissented from the court's decision, also noted that allowing a small group of members to force the administration to provide documents without following the House majority's wishes could be detrimental.

Although many people have already come to a conclusion about the issue, it is still not clear if the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the members of Congress. Hopefully, the court's decision will help put a stop to the ongoing feud between Trump and the Democrats.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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