Vice News Twists Narrative to Demonize Heroic Kyle Rittenhouse

Vice News is at it again, spouting fake news and leftist propaganda. In their latest report, they have linked the justified self-defense shooting of Kyle Rittenhouse to the Daniel Perry case, twisting the narrative to suit their own agenda. The report even goes as far as calling Jordan Neely, who was arrested multiple times, an “unhoused Black man” instead of acknowledging his criminal background.

The left-wing media outlet is trying to demonize Perry, who is being seen as a hero by conservatives for his actions. It is clear that law and order must be upheld, and Perry was justified in his actions. Yet, the mainstream media is refusing to recognize this and instead is trying to paint Perry as a villain for standing up for himself and others.

Despite the overwhelming evidence supporting Perry’s self-defense claim, Vice News keeps pushing their leftist bias and calling on Democrats to intervene in the case. They are trying to use Neely’s death as a political tool to further their aim of weakening our justice system and promoting their radical ideas.

This latest report by Vice News is just another example of how the mainstream media is trying to push their liberal agenda by twisting the truth and manipulating facts. But true conservatives know better than to believe their propaganda and stand firm in their belief in justice and the Second Amendment.

Written by Staff Reports

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