Tapper Blows Whistle on Left’s Antisemitism – Will Dems Wake Up?

Jake Tapper, the well-known CNN host, decided to shine a light on the left’s shocking display of antisemitism in response to the recent terrorist attack by Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians. Tapper called out various groups and protesters on the left for their dehumanizing language and lack of condemnation for Hamas’ heinous acts. And boy, was he right! The left’s response has been downright disgusting.

Even Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, notorious for her controversial remarks, proudly displays a Palestinian flag in front of her office while refusing to acknowledge the beheading of Israeli babies. How heartless can you get? It’s clear that there is a serious issue with racism on the left, and it’s about time someone called them out on it. Kudos to Tapper for having the guts to do so!

But let’s not get too excited just yet. While Tapper’s call-out may trigger some self-reflection among a few left-leaning voters, it’s unlikely to bring about any significant changes within the Democratic Party. The left has become so radical and infected with extremist ideas that it’s hard to imagine them sobering up anytime soon. They cheer for the brutal death and mutilation of innocent children, for crying out loud!

The DNC is in deep trouble, and it may never be able to rid itself of this dangerous radicalism. Once it takes hold, it’s incredibly difficult to dislodge. So while Tapper’s words are appreciated, it’s hard to believe they will result in any meaningful change within the left. It’s more likely that disgusted voters will seek refuge in other parties. Can you blame them?

The left needs a serious reckoning and a shift towards the center if they want to regain any credibility. But knowing their track record, I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s up to conservatives like us to continue calling out their extremism and fighting for true American values. Don’t let them forget it!

Written by Staff Reports

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