Target Dumps LGBTQ Agenda, Leftists Rage!

Target Corporation recently made a wise decision to pull the plug on its LGBTQ propaganda, which was being promoted to affect children negatively. This welcome move has sent the insensitive liberal left into a frenzy. Target CEO Brian Cornell received criticism from protestors who rejected the woke gear, and Gavin Newsom, the Democratic Governor of California, vented his displeasure on Twitter, accusing Target of unfairly attacking the transgender and gay community. Newsom also claimed that the gay community is being subjected to a systematic attack in various parts of the country.

Newsom’s comparison of the transgender movement to women, Asians, Jews, and other marginalized groups is ludicrous. Target’s response to the backlash was appropriate and timely, given that June is Pride Month, which radical progressives erroneously view as a month-long celebration. Target said that personal security concerns for their employees have forced them to remove the controversial LGBTQ line, prioritizing the safety of its employees over profits.

According to a Target spokesperson, confrontations have been reported between employees and customers, and pride collection items are continuously being dropped on the floor. Target has also received intense criticism over previously sold t-shirts and pins containing vulgar, anti-Christian slogans like “Satan Respects Pronouns,” “Witches and Wizards love Trans people,” and “Burn Down the Cis-Tem.” This outrageous merchandise only promotes hate, division and undermine the core values that our civilization was built upon.

We congratulate Target on reversing their earlier support of this controversial merchandise. It is our hope that other businesses will follow Target’s lead, and we call on Americans everywhere to reject the LGBTQ agenda, which is being forced on our children to their detriment.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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