Terrorist Traitor Busted for Aiding ISIS, Threatens NYC!

The Department of Justice has indicted an individual from Minnesota on suspicion of ties to the abhorrent terrorist organization ISIS. Harafa Hussein Abdi, a 41-year-old individual, had the temerity to provide support to ISIS and even issued a threat of an attack on New York City! The audacity of certain individuals!

2015 saw Abdi's disgraceful relocation to Somalia in order to enlist with ISIS, where he laboriously supported the terrorist organization's "media wing" by disseminating propaganda on behalf of a pro-ISIS publication. Must one be so un-American as to be such?

This traitorous individual transmitted an audio recording containing rap lyrics in January 2017. The lyrics expressed solidarity with ISIS and detailed abhorrent acts of violence, such as the shooting and bombing of innocent individuals in New York City. It is beyond disgusting to consider that individuals are conspiring to commit such abhorrent acts on American soil.

Abdi's relationship with the leadership of the ISIS group thankfully deteriorated in 2017, and he departed their camp. Nevertheless, this did not exonerate him of his transgressions. After being apprehended in East Africa, he disclosed his participation in a training facility associated with a recognized ISIS commander in Somalia. He even appeared in an ISIS propaganda video in which he urged individuals to unite and fight for ISIS while brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle. Indeed, it is abhorrent!

Subsequently, Abdi is confronted with grave accusations, which comprise conspiring to supply tangible aid to a specifically designated foreign terrorist organization and obtaining training of a military nature from said organization. He ought to be sentenced to decades in prison if convicted.

Asserting the position of National Security Division Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department, he stated, "The National Security Division places no greater emphasis than safeguarding the American people against terrorist organizations. We shall diligently strive to apprehend and prosecute individuals who would affiliate with these groups with the intention of causing harm to our people, irrespective of their location." Indeed, amen to that! It is imperative that those who seek to injure our nation and its people be apprehended and punished. Please take this as a cautionary tale for individuals who are foolish enough to entertain such perilous ideas.

Written by Staff Reports

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