Texas Defies Mexico, Passes Border-Busting Bill: Biden Beware!

In a move that has surely rattled the Mexican government, the great state of Texas has passed legislation that would make illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border a state crime. Ah, it’s a beautiful sight to see Texas taking control of its own destiny and slamming the door shut on those who want to break our laws!

Of course, the Mexican government had to throw a little fit in response. They claimed to “categorically reject” this proposal and tried to play the sympathy card by talking about due process and the rights of migrants. Well, guess what Mexico? We have our own rights too, and one of them is the right to protect our borders and determine who can enter our great state!

You see, dear readers, Mexico doesn’t seem to understand that the United States has the sovereign right to make its own decisions when it comes to immigration policies. And let’s not forget that Mexico has the audacity to claim they want to defend the millions of people of Mexican origin in Texas. Last time we checked, Texas was a part of the United States, not Mexico. So maybe they should focus on defending their own citizens instead!

But Texas Governor Greg Abbott hit the nail on the head when he said that Texas is just trying to fill the gap left by President Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration laws. It’s about time someone took a stand against the chaos at our borders! This legislation will allow state troopers to arrest illegal immigrants who enter the United States illegally. And if you have a criminal record and keep sneaking back in, you could even be convicted of a felony! Now that’s what I call tough on crime!

This is a bold move by Texas, and it’s sending a clear message to the Biden administration and Mexico: We are taking control of our own destiny, and we won’t stand idly by while our laws are broken. So, bravo to Texas for standing up for what’s right and defending our great state from those who want to take advantage of our generosity. It’s time to put America first and protect our borders, and Texas is leading the way!

Written by Staff Reports

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