Texas Takes Biden to Court: Border Law Battle Blazes On!

In a showdown fit for the Wild West, the Lone Star State and the Biden Administration faced off in court on Wednesday, with Texas defending its tough-on-illegal-immigration law against the Big Government bullies in D.C. The Biden team, always eager to poke its nose into state business, has been yammering on about how Texas’ law is unconstitutional and gets in the way of cozy international relations and the feds’ lax enforcement of immigration law.

The state’s top legal eagle, Solicitor General Aaron Nielson, strutted into the courtroom to lay down the law. He pointed out that the ongoing border fiasco under President Biden’s watch has let in a flood of illegal aliens, causing chaos in American communities and draining precious resources. Nielson didn’t hold back, arguing that the land of the free used to deal with hundreds of thousands of border jumpers, but now, it’s sky-rocketed to millions! And as for unaccompanied minors, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands now, not just a measly tens of thousands. Boy, how times have changed!

To keep the showdown interesting, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had a front-row seat to the legal brawl. After a good ol’ hour of legal sparring, the court decided to keep Senate Bill 4 on ice, at least for now, while they mull things over.

Let’s talk about what this bill, S.B. 4, is all about. If it ever kicks into gear, it would give Texas law dogs the green light to collar, book, and kick out folks suspected of sneaking into the U.S. in Texas from Mexico without a golden ticket. It’s like an episode of “Cops,” but with higher stakes and more sombreros.

Nielson didn’t tiptoe around the issue, revealing that Texas is tired of begging the feds to do their job and stick to the script on border security. But all they keep hearing is this tired excuse about not having enough resources. So, Texas took matters into its own hands, flexing its muscles and saying, “Heck, just let us safeguard our shores!”

Of course, there are the usual suspects standing in the way. The ACLU, always crying wolf, shrieked that the bill would cause a tsunami of 80,000 arrests a year. Can you imagine all those desperados getting slapped with handcuffs? It’d be a sight to see, for sure!

But the plot thickens when Judge Andrew Oldham, a Trump-appointed legal gunslinger, chimed in, calling the feds’ maneuver “an extraordinary achievement.” He ain’t wrong—shooting down a law before it even gets a chance to stretch its legs is quite the trick.

Now, let’s talk about Mexico. Those south-of-the-border bigwigs are huffing and puffing, claiming that S.B. 4 would mess with Uncle Sam’s bromance with Mexico. They’re tossing around words like “criminalize” and “racial profiling,” but the folks in Texas aren’t buying it.

So, there you have it—Texas ain’t backing down from this legal tussle. They’re standing tall, ready to keep fighting for what’s right, no matter how many Big Government nuisances try to get in their way. Yeehaw!

Written by Staff Reports

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