The Controversial New Trend in Schools: Pride Flags Over Religious Morals

Our schools have become battlegrounds for values, and it's time to address the glaring hypocrisy. If you're comfortable with pride flags and drag queens in public schools but recoil at the sight of the 10 Commandments, you're part of the issue eroding our educational system and moral foundation.

Liberals argue that inclusivity and diversity are paramount, yet they conveniently sideline the religious beliefs that have been the bedrock of this nation. Allowing pride flags to fly while banning the 10 Commandments is a blatant double standard. How did we reach a point where the flamboyant display of sexual identity is celebrated in classrooms, but the guiding principles of morality are deemed inappropriate?

The 10 Commandments offer timeless values: respect, honesty, and personal responsibility. These are not just religious edicts but fundamental ethical guidelines that can foster a well-rounded, principled citizenry. However, the left seems more interested in promoting an agenda that confuses and divides rather than one that unites and uplifts.

Drag queens in classrooms are presented under the guise of tolerance and education. But let’s be honest—this is about indoctrination. Young children, still developing their understanding of the world, are being exposed to adult themes and ideologies that many parents rightfully believe are inappropriate.

It’s not about hate or exclusion. It’s about maintaining a balance and ensuring that our children are exposed to values that build character and community, not just a politically correct narrative. If you find pride flags and drag queens in schools acceptable but shun the 10 Commandments, you’re not just being inconsistent; you’re contributing to a cultural and moral decline.

Written by Staff Reports

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