The ‘Gender Identity’ Movement in Schools Is Rejected by Americans, Crushing Biden’s Agenda

Recently, Democrats are now on a rampage, attempting to indoctrinate youngsters with the philosophy of the left. Over the course of many decades, liberals have steadily increased their efforts to include sexual subjects, such as gender identity, into public schools. Child under the age as four or five have been subjected to “Drag Queen story hours,” in addition to conversations on themes that are beyond their ability to comprehend at that age.

The left believes Americans are overreacting. The left, however, went into an uproar when Florida passed a law prohibiting instructors from addressing gender problems with students in grades four and below. Even Disney, which is managed by liberals, attempted to obstruct the implementation of this new regulation. Now, Joe Biden is trying to take away children’s access to free school meals in an effort to coerce schools into supporting the gender agenda of the left.

But a new survey suggests many Americans weren’t on Biden’s side.

Not only is this a setback to Biden’s extreme goal to impose this upon youngsters, but the survey also questioned how Americans felt about males playing in women’s sports. A stunning 71 percent of Americans are all against biological males compete with women, regardless as to just how they identify.

This demonstrates that the majority of people in the United States are opposed to the drastic efforts being made by the left to redefine gender roles in our society. The Democrats overplayed their hand by erroneously believing that they could persuade people to agree with them via the use of public schools, the media, and universities. Instead, their approach is having a negative effect, as Americans fought against this tendency.

Now, let’s not sugarcoat this. Biden is in no way looking to heed the findings of this survey. His government will continue to promote extreme measures that few Americans favor. The outcome, of course, will be larger defeats for the left in court fights and beyond.

Americans will get even more furious that the left is neglecting them. And that will be shown in the polling booths.

If Democrats believe pushing radical gender problems via schools is a good idea, they should know what is coming to hit them.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insider.

Written by Staff Reports

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