The View Hosts Critique Trump, Ignore Biden’s Gaffes in Debate Predictions

Drama oozes from the liberal echo chamber known as “The View.” This time, the ladies decided to flex their clairvoyant muscles to predict the Thursday night CNN presidential debate. Whoopi Goldberg, in her infinite wisdom, expressed her irritation with Republicans who have the audacity to refer to Donald Trump as “the president.” Someone break out the smelling salts!

Goldberg, the sage of daytime television, just cannot stand it. Conservatives need to stop calling the 45th President by his former title. She wants everyone to remember he is the “former president,” as Sunny Hostin, ever the parrot, promptly echoed. They are truly breaking new ground here, folks. 


Apparently, Whoopi has now taken it upon herself to lecture political donors as well. She insists that the presidency is not for sale, presumably ignoring the millions being spent on the current administration’s campaigns and questionable initiatives. But sure, let’s take financial advice from Hollywood elites who earn more in a week than most Americans do in a year.

Hostin, offering her usual pearls of wisdom, predicted Trump would lie incessantly during the debate. She threw out a befuddling number of 30,000 alleged lies from his presidency, a figure so staggering one has to wonder if she’s counting jokes at rallies or tweets that hurt her feelings. Of course, Goldberg responded with mock shock, as expected from this predictable theater.

In a desperate attempt to interject relevance, Alyssa Farrah Griffin claimed CNN will fact-check Trump, but only if it’s a “blatant lie.” Considering CNN’s track record on truthfulness and bias, the network’s integrity might be as questionable as its ratings.

And then, the grand finale—Joy Behar’s overly theatrical concern for President Biden. She unleashed the idea that the 80-year-old needs isolation booths to avoid hearing Trump’s voice. This, of course, while brushing off concerns about Biden’s “senior moments,” as if they are merely cute memory lapses rather than crucial issues for a world leader.

Haines believes Biden might win over Nikki Haley’s voters during the debate. Good luck with that pipe dream. The disconnect from reality doesn’t exactly help credibility when predicting voter behavior.

The spectacle continues, as the cackling panels of “The View” maintain their well-worn stance of fearmongering and pearl-clutching, ever desperate to keep their audience echoing the script.

Written by Staff Reports

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