Top House Democrats Urge Biden to Pass Torch Amid Campaign Struggles

President Biden’s campaign trail hit a snag this past Sunday in Pennsylvania as he lost the confidence of several top House Democrats. The president’s re-election bid seems to be losing steam faster than a busted radiator in a clunker car. During a conference call with leading House Democrats, Reps. Jerry Nadler, Adam Smith, Mark Takano, and Joe Morelle decided it was high time Biden stepped aside for another candidate. The name on everyone’s lips? Vice President Kamala Harris, of course.

Over the weekend, Biden tried to rally by attending events, starting with a church service in Philadelphia. Armed with notes, the president expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and invoked a bit of scripture. One can’t help but notice that even the Good Book didn’t stop Democrats from playing musical chairs with the presidency. Biden then ditched the notecards at the Roxborough Democratic Coordinated Campaign Office, glad-handing supporters with Sen. John Fetterman by his side, probably hoping some of Fetterman’s viral authenticity might rub off on him.

Biden loses more support despite ditching notecards on Pennsylvania swing

The calls for Biden to step aside are getting louder, particularly from House members eyeing reelection. Senators, like an old dog too lazy to get off its porch, are slower to join the chorus. Though roughly nine House members have now voiced their concerns, senators seem a bit more reluctant to push their president under the bus—at least, for now.

Fetterman, ever the loyal trooper, reminded the crowd that Biden is the only one who has defeated Trump, even though that victory seems like ancient history now. But Biden’s supposed “debate performance” with Trump sparked fresh criticisms, with many feeling he was more outclassed than out-debated. Still, Biden pressed on with events in Harrisburg, flanked by Democratic Lt. Gov. Austin Davis and Rep. Madeleine Dean, trying to avoid the elephant in the room.

Despite Biden’s efforts to prove he can still deliver a speech without tripping over his own words, the events were small and intimate—more reminiscent of a local Rotary Club meeting than a presidential campaign rally. Biden may still have a touch for glad-handing and back-slapping, but at 81, he’s starting to look a lot more like the guy who should be enjoying retirement rather than leading a country. Alarm bells are ringing for Democrats who fear their titular leader is becoming an anchor that’s sinking House members in must-win districts.

Nadler’s decision to publicly break ranks is particularly telling. A veterano of the House since 1992, Nadler’s move could be the first domino in a chain of prominent Democrats pressuring Biden to step aside. It’s clear the party is bracing for what might be a turbulent ride into the next election, with Biden looking more and more like the weak link in their chain.

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