Biden Campaigns Amid Calls for Retirement After Debate Flop

President Joe Biden rolled into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for yet another campaign event despite the growing chorus suggesting he should perhaps consider retirement after his recent debate disaster. The clock is ticking, but Biden’s team is in full denial mode, committed to keeping him in the game whether he knows what game he’s playing or not.

It’s been ten days since the showdown with former President Donald Trump, and concerns about Biden’s age and mental sharpness are only getting louder. Some say he looks like he’s ready for a cozy retirement home in Delaware rather than another four years in the White House. But the Biden camp is staging a series of appearances to show voters that their man is still up for the challenge—even if he occasionally forgets what state he’s in.

On Friday, Biden’s living the campaign trail dream in Wisconsin and even sat down with ABC News for a friendly chat. Talk about keeping busy. His handlers clearly believe that propping him up in front of friendly faces will somehow convince voters that everything’s just fine. Maybe they should try juggling flaming torches next for a real showstopper.

As if the situation wasn’t entertaining enough, the polling in Pennsylvania offers another twist. The RealClearPolitics average shows Trump leading Biden 48.5% to 44.0%. Despite the desperate attempts to revive the president’s faltering campaign, the post-debate surveys are painting a grim picture. Biden’s numbers have tanked further, suggesting that maybe, just maybe, shouting “malarkey” isn’t a winning strategy.

So, while Biden bumbles through another speech in Harrisburg, the question on many minds remains: How much longer can the campaign spin this circus act before the tent finally collapses? Keep those popcorn buckets full, folks; it’s going to be an entertaining ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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