Top Republican Hints: Secret Deal Brewing if GOP Fails House Election

In a recent appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation," Representative Mike Turner, a prominent House Republican, acknowledged the potential necessity of a deal with Democrats if the GOP fails to elect a House speaker. While Turner openly supports Representative Jim Jordan's bid for the speakership, he recognizes the need for an alternative solution should Jordan struggle to secure the requisite votes.

Reports indicate that Jordan is striving for a floor vote on Tuesday, but there are concerns about whether he can garner the necessary 217 votes. Currently, Republicans hold a slim majority in the lower chamber with a 221-212 margin. Consequently, they can only afford to lose a maximum of four votes if Democrats vote cohesively against Jordan, as is expected.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) also weighed in on the situation, suggesting the potential formation of a bipartisan governing coalition. Jeffries expressed his desire to amend the rules to ensure votes on bills with significant bipartisan backing, thus preventing extremists from dictating the agenda. He criticized the existing House rules, arguing that they have enabled a small faction of Republicans to determine voting priorities, to the detriment of the American people.

While some House Republicans remain optimistic that Jordan will secure the necessary votes, others express skepticism. Representative Thomas Massie (R-Tenn.) acknowledged that in initial voting rounds, some lawmakers may feel obligated to support different candidates before eventually rallying behind Jordan. Nevertheless, he firmly believes that Jordan will ultimately garner widespread support.

Addressing speculations about a potential alliance between Republicans and Democrats, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed his confidence in Jordan's ability to secure the required votes. McCarthy criticized the Republicans who voted against Jordan, asserting that their actions only contributed to destabilizing the nation. McCarthy emphasized the necessity for Republicans to unite and steer America back on the right path.

As the contest for the House speakership unfolds, the future of the GOP's relationship with the Democrats remains uncertain. It remains to be seen whether a deal will be reached, or if Republicans can coalesce their coalition to independently elect a speaker according to their terms.

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