Trump Accuses Biden of Plotting TikTok Ban to Benefit Facebook

Former President Donald Trump is back at it, folks! He’s mixing it up, trying to stir the pot and tie President Joe Biden to the possibility of TikTok getting the boot. The House is all gung-ho about making the sale of TikTok necessary to avoid a ban in the USA, and the Senate is expected to jump on that bandwagon this week. And guess what? Biden is likely to give it a cozy little signature, making it the law of the land. 

In a post on his platform, Truth Social, Trump didn’t mince words, telling folks that Biden is the big bad wolf who’s out to huff and puff and blow TikTok away. He’s even accusing Biden of doing this to make his buddies over at Facebook even richer and more powerful. Apparently, the former president thinks getting rid of TikTok is part of Biden’s master plan to give a leg up to the Democrats. 

Not too long ago, Biden mentioned he’d be on board with a similar bill that aimed to force the sale of TikTok within six months or else it’s the highway. On the flip side, Trump has done a complete 180 from his time in the White House, where he was all about that ban on TikTok due to its ties to China. 

The White House is batting away Trump’s claims faster than you can say “TikTok.” They’re standing firm, saying they’re not gunning for a TikTok ban. They’re just looking out for America and its young’uns, making sure their personal info stays put and isn’t sent off to China. After all, who wants their views and understandings all twisted up by algorithms from the People’s Republic of China?

A poll done by CNBC showed that while a chunk of folks don’t mind seeing TikTok take a hike, the younger crowd is really not here for it. Nearly half of the 18-34 gang gave a big thumbs-down to the idea of kicking TikTok to the curb. Looks like TikTok is the bee’s knees for many young’uns out there.

As for Trump, he’s all about hitting up the young voters as he sets his sights on a second term in the White House. Even though recent polls show Biden leading the pack among the younger crowd, the gap isn’t as wide as it was in 2020. Democrats usually have the upper hand with the young’uns, but it looks like Trump’s no slouch in this race.

Trump’s on a mission to save TikTok, or at least make sure Biden takes the heat for its potential disappearance. It’s shaping up to be quite the showdown, with both sides digging in their heels for a fierce battle. 

Written by Staff Reports

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