Trump Crushes Biden in Texas, Haley Trails Behind

In a recent poll that got conservatives buzzing, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley found herself trailing President Joe Biden in Texas. But fear not, because the poll also showed that the one and only former President Donald Trump would easily clinch a victory in the Lone Star State!

Haley was reported to be lagging behind Biden by nine points in Texas, with some voters undecided or opting for “someone else.” It seems like some Texans haven’t quite caught on to Haley’s potential yet. But when it comes to Trump, the numbers tell a different story. Trump was leading Biden by a solid seven points in the land of barbecue and cowboy boots.

When voters were asked to choose between Trump and the current president, the majority stood firmly with Trump, showing unwavering support for the America-first agenda. Trump’s lead even extended when other candidates were thrown into the mix, making it clear that his popularity in Texas is unmatched.

It’s no surprise that Texas Republicans are rallying behind Trump, with an overwhelming 80% favorability rating among likely primary voters. Haley, on the other hand, has some catching up to do if she wants to win over the hearts of Texans. Maybe she should reconsider her anti-Trump stance, huh?

Now, if you think Trump’s dominance is limited to Texas, think again! A recent Morning Consult poll revealed that Trump is trouncing Haley in multiple Super Tuesday states by jaw-dropping margins. From California to Massachusetts, Trump’s support is unwavering, leaving Haley in the dust.

It’s clear that Trump’s track record of delivering on his promises and putting America first resonates deeply with voters across the country. Meanwhile, Biden’s struggles with immigration and the economy are not going unnoticed by the American public. It’s no wonder that Trump is leading in the polls, racking up victories left and right.

As for Haley and Biden, they might want to reconsider their strategies if they hope to compete with the powerhouse that is Donald J. Trump. The people have spoken, and they’re ready for a leader who puts America first and gets things done. Let’s Make America Great Again, folks! 

Written by Staff Reports

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