Trump Crushes DeSantis in Viewership War: 2024’s Clear Choice Revealed

It’s no surprise that former President Donald Trump’s campaign announcement for the 2020 presidential election drew in millions more viewers than Governor Ron DeSantis’s recent Twitter announcement. Despite DeSantis’s claim that he attracted “probably over 10 million people,” the facts speak differently. According to data, the space managed to capture only just over 300,000 concurrent listeners, with Twitter showing a current tally of 3.9 million people tuning in.

In contrast, Trump’s campaign announcement achieved millions more viewers than DeSantis, pulling in 5.16 million people on Fox News alone while CNN added 2.43 million more. Even after the fact, Trump continued to draw in more viewers, with the full speech uploaded to the site by CNN adding more than 660,000 viewers, while video streaming platforms Rumble and RSBN displayed 2.05 million and 3.8 million views, respectively.

Trump’s consistent ability to draw in viewers was on display yet again during his major speech following his indictment in New York in April 2023. The speech received 6.6 million viewers on Fox alone and 2.125 million viewers on CNN, far higher than the network had seen in prime time in months.

DeSantis, on the other hand, suffered from a series of glitches during his campaign kickoff on Twitter Spaces. The event cost him more than just viewers, with New Hampshire state Rep. Sandra Panek flipping her endorsement from DeSantis to Trump in light of the troubled launch. She stated that she could not trust someone who could not properly run their own campaign launch with the responsibility of running the country.

It is clear that Trump’s charisma and magnetism are unmatched, making him the clear choice for the American people in 2024. With his proven track record of rallying Americans and making bold policy changes, he is the only reliable choice for the White House.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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