Trump Declares WAR On Mitch McConnel, Calls For Primary Challenges

In his latest attack on Senate Minority Leader McConnell, Donald Trump encouraged Republicans to challenge the lawmaker in primaries.

Trump criticized McConnell for supporting the spending bill that passed last year, and he also used his social media platform to criticize the Senate minority leader. He additionally repeated his previous racist statements about Elaine Chao, the wife of McConnell.

In his latest attack on the Senate minority leader, Trump claimed that McConnell was no longer interested in controlling the government. Instead, he focused on pushing through what the Democrats wanted. He also criticized the spending bill that was passed last week, which did not include money for the US' border security. Trump said that if he had waited ten days, the bill would have been much better.

The US Congress passed a $1.7 trillion spending bill on December 23. It funds the government through the next fiscal year and includes various provisions that members of both parties wanted. Some of these include providing military aid to Ukraine, as well as legislation that would rename some federal buildings after prominent members.

Trump called on Republicans in Congress to vote against the bill, as he criticized Democrats for failing to provide adequate protection for the southern border. Some Republican leaders also criticized the bill, arguing that it was rushed through Congress and that it did not provide enough time for the members to read it.

Despite these criticisms, the spending bill still passed through Congress, as 18 Senate Republicans, including McConnell, joined Democrats to support it. The House also passed it with a score of 225-201.

Since he left the White House, Trump has repeatedly criticized Chao and McConnell. He also took shots at the former president after Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer criticized his actions following the riot that occurred in the Capitol.

After winning his re-election bid in 2020, McConnell was able to secure another six-year term in the Senate. Although he has not stated whether he will seek another term, it would not occur until 2026. This makes Trump's attacks on McConnell largely symbolic.

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