Trump Exposes Biden’s Mental Decline, Liberals in Denial

Ah, the sweet sound of liberal tears hitting the pavement as Joe Biden gets thoroughly dismantled by Donald Trump. The spectacle of Biden fumbling, mumbling, and looking like he’d rather be taking a nap than running a country is practically Shakespearean. In mainstream America, average folks have seen this train wreck coming for years. The man’s deteriorating mental state isn’t news; it’s been as clear as a summer’s day.

But don’t tell that to the liberal media. They’re positively reeling, claiming they couldn’t puncture the reality bubble crafted by Biden’s handlers. And why didn’t they? Because they’d lose access! Heaven forbid they do their jobs and report the truth. The goal was always to protect Biden at all costs, maintaining a facade as fragile as their arguments. The notion that liberal America at large is genuinely blindsided by this is laughable.

There’s a hot take floating around from lawyer Damin Toell that nails the issue: Liberals are grossly media illiterate. Conservatives could see the writing on the wall long before it was written. Right-wing circles have shared countless videos of Biden bumbling, looking lost, and getting fed questions in advance. Mention this to a liberal two weeks ago, and they’d slap you with the “fake news” label faster than you can say “Hunter’s laptop.”

The disconnect between what liberals pretend not to see and what conservatives have been pointing out for years is palpable. Libs like to tout themselves as the educated elites but often have the media savvy of a sea slug. That explains their regular meltdowns over things as trivial as a New York Times subscription. Anything that’s uncomfortable is instantly deemed traitorous and cast aside, much like their fleeting grasp on reality.

So here’s the kicker: right-wingers are perfectly aware of liberal media narratives, while liberals remain stunningly ignorant of what goes on in right-wing circles. This ignorance is their Achilles’ heel, evident in the shock and disbelief they display when confronted with anything contrary to their bubble-wrapped existence.

In essence, if liberal America wasn’t content with living in an echo chamber, they might have seen Biden’s decline coming from a mile away. Instead, they’re caught off guard, floundering, and losing their collective minds as their carefully curated illusion shatters before their very eyes. No wonder they’re so irritated—reality has a nasty habit of being inconvenient.

Written by Staff Reports

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