Trump Fights Back: Exposing NY Witch Hunt, Even CNN Analyst Agrees!

Former President Donald Trump once again proves he is not one to back down, as he takes a stand against the biased prosecution he is facing in his New York civil trial. It seems that even some members of the mainstream media are starting to see the truth. Top CNN legal analyst Elie Honig has had the audacity to actually agree with Trump’s claims that Attorney General Letitia James is pursuing him based on political motivations rather than the facts of the case or the rule of law. Finally, someone is speaking out against this injustice!

Honig pointed out that James campaigned on a promise to take down Trump. She shamelessly used him as a prop to gain popularity and fundraise for her campaign. She even went as far as to say that Trump could be indicted for money laundering! How can anyone deny the political angle to this? Honig’s remarks have surely angered the liberal viewers of CNN, but at least he dared to speak the truth.

In an act of rare fairness, Judge Arthur Engoron allowed Trump to defend himself in court. However, he warned the former president not to turn it into a campaign speech or discuss political matters. Trump, ever the disciplined speaker, followed the judge’s instructions and discussed the facts of the case. But it didn’t take long for him to express his deep grievances with AG James and the court itself.

Trump made it clear that what is happening to him is unconstitutional and a disgrace. It’s evident that this trial is nothing more than election interference orchestrated by the White House and Joe Biden. They are trying to take him down because they know they can’t defeat him fairly. It’s a terrible witch hunt that he is forced to endure.

The former president also highlighted the unjust nature of the trial, pointing out that he is being denied his rights. With no jury to make his case to, he feels powerless and vulnerable. Legal scholars are even writing about this case, stunned by the blatant political interference and disregard for the Constitution. Trump is not going down without a fight, and he will expose this corrupt trial for what it truly is.

It’s about time someone in the mainstream media acknowledged the political motivations behind this trial. Letitia James should be held accountable for her promises and her relentless pursuit of President Trump. The American people deserve justice, not a politically motivated witch hunt. Thankfully, Trump is standing strong and challenging the unfair proceedings. He will not let them silence him.

Written by Staff Reports

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