Trump Fundraising Surge Shocks Democrats After Verdict

Democrats jumped for joy, assuming former President Donald Trump’s 34 felony convictions on May 30 would be the silver bullet to rid them of their formidable foe finally. Labeling him a convicted felon, they forewarned he’d lose independent voters faster than you can say “make America great again” and that no sane person would cast a ballot for a convict. Right? Wrong!

To the Democrats’ profound dismay, reasonable people are more than ready to rally behind Trump. Independent voters didn’t flee; they’re flocking. Not only are they planning to vote for him, but they’re also opening their wallets. Within a mere 24 hours of the verdict, Trump’s campaign raised a staggering $53 million online. If that’s not an endorsement, what is?

Since then, Trump has effectively closed the fundraising gap with President Joe Biden. According to Federal Election Commission filings, while the Biden campaign and Democratic associates pulled in $85 million in May—an impressive sum—Trump’s side outdid them, amassing $141 million. By the end of May, Trump’s campaign held a commanding $116.6 million in cash on hand against Biden’s $91.6 million. Looks like Democrats might need to rethink their strategy.

The news darling, the New York Times, reported that Dr. Miriam Adelson, widow of billionaire casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, intends to funnel $100 million to get Trump back to the Oval Office. Her one small ask? For Trump to dial down the bombast. That’s a small price to pay to reclaim the White House, folks.

National polls revealed a mild wobble for Trump right after the verdict, with his lead slipping slightly. RealClearPolitics showed Trump’s head-to-head advantage against Biden narrowing from 0.9% to 0.3%, but guess what? Trump’s lead is back up to 1%. Rasmussen Reports even had Trump ahead by a solid 9 points nationally, an outlier, maybe, but who doesn’t love a good outlier when it’s in your favor?

Even in the gritty battlegrounds, Trump isn’t just holding ground; he’s gaining. As of today, Trump has a lead in six of seven key swing states, and he’s tied in Wisconsin. For the record, these are key states where Biden basked in victory back in 2020, save for North Carolina. In the RealClearPolitics guidebook of stats, Trump’s edge has slightly increased in critical states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. So much for that convict label hurting him, huh?

Hold onto your MAGA hats because there’s more: Trump’s odds of winning hit the skids right after the conviction, dropping by 8.5%, but guess what? He’s not only climbed back up but surpasses his pre-verdict numbers with a 51.2% chance of winning compared to Biden’s 35.5%. The left must be sweating bullets right about now.

Let’s not forget that winning the national popular vote isn’t essential for Trump's victory. It’s all about that Electoral College, just like in 2016 and 2000 with George Bush. And it gets juicier: polls show Trump tied with Biden in Virginia and Minnesota. For perspective, Biden steamrolled Virginia by 9.4 points in 2020. The fact that Trump’s making significant inroads here indicates that Democrats might want to rethink cracking those champagne bottles prematurely.

Trump turning Virginia red isn’t as wild as it sounds. The state had a tradition of voting Republican from 1952 till 2004 (except for 1964). RealClearPolitics recently tagged Virginia as a tossup, with Biden only leading by a narrow 2.2%. In Minnesota, historically a blue bastion, Trump and Biden are currently neck-and-neck, setting the stage for a historic Republican win.

Between his financial prowess, indomitable poll presence, and relentless momentum, Trump has the Democrats scratching their heads, wondering how their master plan disintegrated. Let’s see if Biden can provide any coherent explanations at the upcoming face-off in Atlanta. Spoiler alert: don’t hold your breath.

Written by Staff Reports

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